Digitalni kapacitometar, 0.01pF - 470,000 mikro farada

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Digitalni kapacitometar, 0.01pF - 470,000 mikro farada

Range: 0.01pF to 47.000nF,47.00nF to 47.000uF,47.00uF to 470.00mF
Accuracy (After Zero, tested with 1nF, 1uF, 1000uF):
1%+2Digit,1%+1Digit,1 to 3%+1Digit (Larger capacitance will have larger error)
Refresh Time (Manual Mode) ,Auto mode take 0 to 2s more time depend on value
Larger capacitance take more measuring time:
0.2s to 1s,0.2s to 2s,0.2s to 30s
Accuracy: Up to 1% (detail on above table)
High Resolution: 5 digit
Measuring voltage: Less than 0.8V
Clamping voltage: 1.25V (open voltage)
Battery: 2X AA 1.5V battery(Not Included)
Operating current: 0.02A
Package Content:
1 x Digital Capacitance Meter
1 x pair test probe


6.951,58 din (1-9 kom)
6.256,41 din (10-99 kom)
5.358,51 din (>100 kom)