Adapter, VGA na HDMI, napajanje preko USB

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Adapter, VGA na HDMI, napajanje preko USB

Type: VGA to HDMI switch
Chip: high performance analog conversion chip
Applies: the computer PC, laptop, DVD with VGA interface display devices such as connection with HDMI interface
Advantages: using high performance analog conversion chip High compatibility (sweep other converter compatibility defects) on the market at present
To convert analog audio through digital chip to HDMI digital audio
Using the most advanced video processing technology, the image brightness, contrast and color enhancement processing
Effect: image quality is clear, clear and fine and smooth, effect is very good
Product accessories: VGA to HDMI switch
Product size: about 6 cm * 5 cm * 2 cm
The audio input format: VGA +
The output format: HDMI
VGA input resolution: 800 x600, 800 x768, 1152 x864, 1280 x600, 1280 x720, 1280 x768, 1280 x800, 1280 x1024, 1360 x768, 1366 x768, 1440 x900, 1600 x900, 1680 x 1680 x1050, 1920 x1080, 1920 x
HDMI output resolution: 576 p, 720 p, 1080 I, 1080 p


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