Digital Thermostat Temperature Control

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Digital Thermostat Temperature Control

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Set Temperature ---- SetT;

Backlash Temperature-----BackT;

1. Heating Mode 'H':

When Temperature ≤ SetT - BackT ;Relay conduction, heating equipment begin to work;

When Temperature ≥ SetT, Relay disconnect, heating equipment stop work;

2. Refrigeration mode 'C':

When Temperature ≥ SetT + BackT ;Relay conduction, refrigeration equipment begin to work;

When Temperature ≤ SetT ;Relay conduction, refrigeration equipment stop work;

3. High Temperature Alarm 'ALA':

When Temperature ≥ Alarm Temperature, The system opens the sound and light alarm, and disconnects the relay, any key stops the sound light;

4. Delay Start ‘OPH':

When a normal heating or refrigeration work is done, the system starts to time T, and only after the T≥OPH, the system can carry out the next round of heating or refrigeration work;

5. Temperature Correction Function OFE(-10.0 č 10.0°):

The system will work for a long time and may have deviations that can be corrected by this function, Temperature = Measured + Calibration;

6. Parameter Remote Read/Set:

The parameters such as setting temperature, backlash temperature and temperature correction can be set through UART.

7. Real-time Temperature Report:

If the temperature reporting function is turned on, the product is transmitted to the terminal by the UART at 1s intervals, which facilitates data collection;

8. Relay enable (default enable):

If the relay is disable, the relay remains disconnected;

9. Restore factory Settings:

At the same time press the STOP, set key more than 3S, restore factory settings;


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